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The history of the "villa", now nicknamed the "Dependance" from 1920 to today

In the distant 1920 in Viserba, every Villa built above the spring waters of the subsoil, still existing today, had a gushing fountain, a fruit hotel and a small but comfortable and pretty house next door where the Villa's Keeper resided. He had the task of carefully cleaning the villa inside and outside, the garden, the fountain, with assiduous day and night surveillance, especially when the owners returned to their native places, after the holidays. After the construction of the 1,000 villas, in 1960, Viserba became one of the main and famous tourist destinations in Italy and in the world.


From the renovation of these villas in 1960, several hotels, hotels, Guesthouses were born and within a decade, Viserba became one of the most welcome summer stays.

From the Hotel Margherita managed by the Arlotti Family, in 2011, with the transformation of the Hotel into a Residence, the lovely Villa (which embraces the inner courtyard) is also highlighted, which is modernized, remaining the map of time: you can still notice at the top, the wooden beams of the past, crossed between them that form the suggestive roof of the Villa, thus becoming a pretty and independent apartment that hosts couples, families in the summer and winter months, it will be called “Dependance” of the Residence Margherita.


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    The Residence Margherita is located in a quiet and completely renovated, a few steps from the sea, family-run.
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